Photo taken at the Christmas party, organized by Unfunny and skylined. Cheers!

We wish all of you a good time with family and friends - and whether we see you in this year or in the next: all the best ;) !

[RPRZ] BigMac Happy New Year Everybody !!
[RPRZ] Latrischa Thank you! Same to you and everyone here :)

Hello Survivors, just a heads up, Gorka is not a safe zone anymore. There are no safe zones on the server. Remember KOS is not aceptable at any part of the map! Whitelist is on.  Good luck

It's time for an event!

softegg posted Jun 15, 17

Make sure you set your attendance in the event section and let's have some fun!

Hello everyone - this is just a litte note that we added "poisoning food / drinks" to the ingame rules and class it as KoS.

This concerns poisoning and then leaving the scene. It does not concern feeding someone disinfectant or poisoned food / drinks when you are still on scene and face the consequences (or torture someone with it ;) )

Upping the age limit

softegg posted Mar 21, 17

We've decided to up the age limit for sign-ups onto the RP RangerZ server. We're now an 18+ server. This rule will not be applied retrospectively, so active applications and active whitelisting are not affected by this and are still good.