Wipe this weekend

By [ADMIN] softegg a - Posted Dec 20, 17

A storm is coming:

aka: we're wiping persistence this weekend. Exact date will be announced soon, most likely Friday evening GMT. Watch out for this space.

Again, persistence wipe means we're cleaning the server, whatever you carry in your hands and on your body will remain. So grab some shhhhtuff and grab a tent to get started with something when the wipe happens.
This absolutely needs to be done with all the abandoned camps especially. We hope to be able to get rid of a lot of issues and lag with this.

Think about this when you make camps in the future: not too big and spaced out, anything else is a performance killer. I've spotted so many camps just because I started lagging nearby and could tell because of that.

NEW TIME: THURSDAY NIGHT, 9PM GMT because of conflicting scheduling with an ingame event.