Multiplay, the provider of our TS is giving up hosting TS so we thought this may be a good time to jump over to Discord. Apparently all the cool kids are using it. :D


The new server is now only a few days away. Meaning new IP 80 slot, whitelisted and with the changes we have made on the dev server (new zombie spawns etc.).The server should be up in a few days.

We will give you information regarding RP in the coming days ^^

Well done Jackie and Not Vegas, good show. You are Queen and King of the map and will have crown tags on TS for a year :D. Exciting stuff :p.

Here is some footage from the start and the end.

[RPRZ] Awestruck adminDEV Funny stuff :d
[RPRZ] BoneMan666 That was kind of a Happy cry or a sad laugh at the end. hard to tell :)

Hello there people of Chernarus,

we have just updated the settings on our Teamspeak - you will not be able to see who is on the radio and in which channel, until you join that channel.

This means no more having to change names to hide your identity ;) however, I still recommend the use of ingame radios over TS - it's much more fun!

[RPRZ] BoneMan666 Seems like we should use one or the other. i have only caught some one on in game radio once. Im working to do a dual mo...